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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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they won the world series and this morning the san francisco giants are back in the bay. what a home coming it was we'll show you coming up. and we'll tell you why last nights world series victory could lead to quiet traffic today. temperatures warmed up yesterday. will they continue that trend today? and voting is happening right now in the east coast. in fact what you're looking at are people voting in delaware. here in california we should know by tonight if meg whitman or jerry brown will be our next governor. why that choice will make history either way. morning news continues. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. election day. i'm pam cook.
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>> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. thank you very much. we have clear skies for the most part. a little bit of fog there. it will not stay stand in the way for sunshine. this first week is looking very warm. 50s and 60s and few upper 70s now here is sal. >> good morning. san francisco northbound 101 traffic looking pretty good. we expect traffic will be a little lighter today. also this morning's commute westbound into the city looks good. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. topping our news at 6:00 a.m. and 6:02 the torture is over. it's finally over for giants fans. they are celebrating first ever world series championship. it's the scene many long-time giants fans thought they would never see. the giants world series champs for the first time since they
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moved to san francisco. lincecum pitched another post season masterpiece in game five in the series against texas rangers. the giants won 3-1 to become the new champions of major league baseball. >> world series champions. how does that found? >> it sounds ridiculous. i love every minute of it. >> how do you feel? >> pretty excited other than dealing with you guys. extremely happy this is an amazing feat for all of us. >> tim lincecum is so cool. lincecum only allowed three hits during eight innings. brian wilson came in and finished the game for the first world series save. and edgar renteria hit a three run homer in the seventh who was incredible. he was named world series most valuable player. just two hours ago 4:00 this morning new champions of baseball return back home if the bay area to a heros
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welcome. claudine wong was out there at at & t where bulls rolled in. hundreds of fans were out there. weren't they? >> yes, they were. giants didn't waste any time coming back home. when they got home and pulled right through here hundreds of fans were waiting for them. what a home coming it was. when they arrived just after 4:00 this morning the crowd was absolutely wild. >> reporter: they brought the trophy off the bus and straight to the crowd. the crowd went crazy at the sight of that trophy in what has been deemed a season of torture by fans. team came out to greet the fans. >> still hasn't hit us yet.
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with this recession going on it's coming quick. gives us an opportunity to sit back and relax. >> it's unbelievable. you know what, it has been a long trip back. you know, we're just happy to be back home in front of your own fans. everybody is looking forward to the parade. >> reporter: fans were thrilled to see the team arrive back home. folks we have been talking to has been celebrating all night and this made it worth it. >> this crowd. this is what sports is about. the love of the fans the loyalty, the love that's what sports is about. we did it. the torture is finally over. the torch is over baby. giants baseball. yeah. >> reporter: keep in mind those are people hours after all of this still cheering and excited. fans and players wait to soak in that victory. try to get rest before they get
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ready to celebrate in style at the parade tomorrow. everyone had their hands on all the papers today with all the headlines. world champs trying to get those much sought after signatures by the players. some of them to take time and sign autographs. live in san francisco claudine wong. >> now overnight however dozens of troublemakers hit the streets of san francisco. look. they ruined some of the world series fun. police reported several incidents of vandalism in the mission district and several other san francisco neighborhoods and police made several arrests. jade hernandez has that part of the story. she will be back and have a live report. the fans that were fortunate enough to attend the big post season games got a new way to show everyone they saw history.
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high resolution panoramic photos of the crowd like this. it's now posted on major league baseball's website. you may find yourself cheering, drinking, or watching the game. fans were able to tag the photo to their facebook page. we posted the link on our channel 2 website just go to final preparations are now under way for the big world series championship parade in san francisco. it will get under way tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. it will start at montgomery street and proceed up market and return to the civic center. it's the same parade route when they first arrived in san francisco. if you can't make it there in person or you're aparade of the crowds, you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. we have also posted more details of the parade at you will find video, fan photos, and a whole section dedicated to the giants.
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in other news a deadly shooting marred the celebration in the marina district. it happened just before midnight at the gravity room just off of chestnut. police were called in. they found a 22-year-old man dead. he was shot several times. he was taken to san francisco general hospital but he died a short time later. no one has been arrested yet. police are hoping to review possible surveillance tapes and questioning possible witnesses. tea is election day. the polls open here. after all the campaigning and political ads sometimes tonight we should know who will be the next governor of california and either way the election will make history. california will either elect its first female governor or oldest governor. you can keep up with the latest election results by following ktvu on twitter and facebook. you can post your comments on
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the election there as well. >> quite a day. >> it is. let's go to sal. he spotted himself in that picture. >> yeah you know that thing you talked about. someone tagged me. >> we will have to roll that slowly. >> i don't look good. by the way on twitter edgar renteria is tweeting. there is my address if you want to send me your thoughts about the game or traffic. northbound 101 traffic looks pretty good. kind of joking about this. we might have a lighter than usual commute. so you might want to take advantage of getting to work right now before the sleeping giant awakes. let's move along to the toll plaza. same thing goes. a little bit lighter than usual. they usually turn the metering lights on at 6:15. also this morning we're looking a the the oakland area.
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traffic on 880 here in front of the coliseum is moving well. here is steve. thank you, sir. a clear morning. expect for some fog. some on the coast. again very shallow. won't last long. sunny and high pressure. the first week of november lots of sunshine. a little cool onth lows. transition day will be on thursday. looks like rain on sunday. timing still a little tough. get out of the way you can see this. watch how everything builds northward. there is a very strong system in the gulf of alaska. as that deepens it punches a ridge over us. cool in the morning. a little bit of fog. it will be sunny and warm. 70s by noon and 70s this afternoon.
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mid 70s. sometimes this time of year the best weather can be over at the coast. today upper 60s to near 70s at half-moon bay. beautiful in the city. looks warmer tomorrow as you're heading to the parade. 45 napa santa rosa. the fog is coming in. at least it's forming. 30s until the mountains or upper 20s. 49 right now sacramento. when you see a ridge of high pressure boating like that, it's a sure sign we'll have sunshine. patchy fog gets burned off fast. fog near the coast but it's mainly going down the coast. upper 70s and looks great tomorrow. sunny and warm. not only for san francisco and the parade but for everybody else. we'll carry that into thursday. a cool down friday. and cool down saturday. looks like rain for sunday. >> thank you. a federal court in san
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francisco weighs in on don't ask don't tell. the latest decision in the legal battle over gays in the military. and coming up from washington, d.c. on this election day a look at how big tonight's republican weight can be.
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voters across the country go to the polls today, republicans appear to be on the
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brink turning the political tide into their favor. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom. she's taking a look at what the gop needs to take control of congress. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. since my last update we watched tea party favorite christina o'donnell cast her favorite. it is one of the most talked about senate races. republicans need ten seats to take control of the senate and whether that will happen is still up in the air. democrats are wondering if their leader in the senate harry reid will survive the vote in nevada. in the house republicans need 39 seats more than they currently have. pollsters are predicting they will get at least 50. >> i think one thing to really look at is the money. the republicans don't have as much money as the democrats. they will not be able to fund
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the last minute get out the vote operation. the democrats could pull out a few more wins. that would be a surprise for the elections. >> reporter: the first poll is closed tonight in indiana and kentucky. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. the united states and its allies are tightening security around packages from coming from yemen. this is after last weeks discovery from two printers. the bomb makers believe to be ibrahim ales al acirri. both bombs were wired to detonators to cell phone technology. we don't know if they would be triggered by phone calls or
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internal alarm. the trial has been postponed were three uc berkeley students. iran released shourd because of health concerns. she is currently in the united states. the trial was expected to begin on saturday. a three-judge panel in san francisco ruled the don't ask don't tell policy of gays serving in the military will remain in effect as the case works its way through the court. the court of appeals granted the request to leave the policy in place while it challenges a trial court ruling while the ban is unconstitutional. president obama has said that he wants congress not the courts to repeal the policy. 6:17. east contra costa county police arrested five women for prostitution after a day long
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under cover sting at massage parlors. officers were sent to four massage parlors. they are accused of soliciting under cover cops. police say they targeted the massage parlors after getting several complaints. we are now learning that a san francisco man accused of beating a roman catholic priest has filed a lawsuit. william lynch surrounderred to authorities. he claims that a priest sexually molested him and his brother. his lawsuit alleges that the vatican is valid. they are trying to figure out whether a suspicious fire is connected to other fires reported in that same area. we first told you about this yesterday. fire destroyed a bar and recycling center on tenth and commercial streets.
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investigators they think it's suspicious because there has been a dozen other fires. an 80-year-old alameda woman is hoping that two street robbers have a heart this morning and return their beloved yorkshire terror. the victim says she was less than a block away from their house at 2:00 in the afternoon when that robbery happened. police say the man were driving a faded blue or green '80s honda or toyota sedan and had a gray front quarter panel. if you have information about this contact the police. >> all right. hopefully she gets her dog back. 6:19 is the time. let's get back to sal. the drive is actually looking pretty good around the bay area. we are look good on highway 4. there is a little bit of slow traffic. brittle here in bay point it looks pretty good driving over
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to concord. if you're driving on 680 south not a bad drive. metering lights are not yet. they will be on later this morning. the crowd quite not there yet. they might not be there for a little while. it might be your chance to get into the city before it gets crazy. also this morning's commute on the freeways here still that crash on northbound 880 they are clearing that up. traffic is a little bit slow in that area. here is steve. there is a little bit of fog out there. going down the coast and in the north bay. that's all i can find. but some patchy clouds are out there. 40s and 50s on your temperatures this morning. you enjoyed yesterday you like today. everything continues to go way to the north. patchy fog. 70s for many. 45 napa santa rosa.
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both the airports say some fog. some ground fog there. some on the coast as well. 40s and low 50s. stretches almost down to the hawaiian islands. fog near the coast. but again it's going north to south. 60s, 70s, mid 70s, upper 70s. we will take that into thursday. system cools us down friday and looks like rain on sunday. >> thank you. new glass technology means hundreds of new jobs in the east bay. four seasons home product makes sun rooms and windows. now it's investigating $6 million in its west coast franchises and retailers. the new jobs will start after the of the year. now the company is taking calls for applications now that phone number is on our website at
6:22 am under web links. people who use linked in can now review companies and products on the social networking site. the new feature called company pages gives people a places to comment on places to work. 13 of companies are among the first to participate. it happened just a couple of hours ago. the new champions of major league baseball. their home. they came home to san francisco. that trophy looks good. we'll continue our live team coverage. and as bay area voters go to the polls today. some places will be different. the new way voters will have to mark their ballots.
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the sound of a champion. hundreds of fans around at 4:00 this morning. see those buss? the giants are back home from texas got off the bus at at & t park and holding their trophies. here is cody ross right there. a lot of people waited through the night. they wanted to see them in person as they got off the buses. pat them on the back. the giants took all of that time meeting face to face with their fans. everybody loved it. it was a big, big deal and now
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tomorrow getting ready for the an 11:00 a.m. victory parade through the streets of san francisco. you can either be there in person or you can just join us right here on ktvu we'll show it all to you. the giants won the world series and now we get to celebrate. in other news right now people in san jose will get a chance to experience the opera for free today. opera san jose is celebrating opera week. they are giving a performance of tosca. it will be held at martin luther king junior library. if you wear your i voted stickers you will get 20% discount at any performance. on this election day some voters in alameda county will use rank choice voting for the first time. voters in oakland, berkeley, and san leandro will be asked to rank their first, second, and third choice candidates in
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the mayor and city council election. the goal is to eliminate the need for runoff election. if no candidate gets the majority of first choice votes, the process of redistributing votes happen. first a candidate with the fewest first choice votes is eliminated. in this case it would be candidate b. and then voters that chose an eliminated candidate will have it to the second choice. if not, the process of eliminating candidates and redistributing votes continues. now we're going to get more details on this very complicated rank choice voting system including how it may delay election results. we will talk live with the alameda county registered voters coming up. in santa clara county smudges on ballots are causing
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anners to reject the ballots. workers are trying to remove those smudges. the company that makes the ballots have taken responsibility for the problem. it says it will pay the county for all the cost of inspecting and cleaning the ballots. an armed man robbed a restaurant. it was a heros welcome. we'll show you the scene that greeted the giants. also the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. stay tune. pam will have all of the numbers. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats
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but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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all right. welcome back. giants fans there. they are cheering. [ laughter ] or they are cheeri on the markets as they open up. together we care an
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organization there. they have a telethon launching there at the nasdaq. looks like it will be pretty quiet ahead of election results. analysts say markets are waiting. we can see on the lower part of the screen a man capturing the moment. lower part of your screen the dow is up 60 points already we'll continue to watch the number. >> we will say good morning to you now. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday election day. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. many long-time giants fans may be wakingp thinking it's a dream. it's a dream come true. the giants are world series champs. >> there he is. struck him out. >> this is the scene many long- time giants fans thought they would never see the giants are world series champions for the fist time since moving to san francisco. last night tim lincecum pitched another post season masterpiece
6:32 am
in game five. giants won the game 3-1. >> i couldn't be prouder of a group of guys. we got contributions from everybody. bumgarners job yesterday and wilson. renteria gets mvp. these guys are crazy enough to do it. >> the giants celebrated. it looked crazy last night they they popped the champagne in the locker room before boarding the plane back to san francisco. >> they are home. we have live team coverage of the giants history making world series victory. we have jade hernandez she is checking the damage along the streets of san francisco. she's also looking at the cleanup efforts that republic hag now. first let's go to claudine wong that is live at at & t park. they came home just hours ago and you were right there.
6:33 am
>> reporter: i was. it was a sight to see. the giants fans started celebrating right after that win. for a couple of hundreds fans they were not going to stop celebrating until they welcomed the giants back home to the city by the bay. they did that a couple of hours ago by 4:00 this morning. you want to get a crowd of a couple hundred giants fans fired up and screaming? show them that world series trophy. that's what bill did. you want to keep them going crazy? have a few of their players walk out and shake hands and sign autographs. this crowd went wild. >> it was great to have this trophy. to have this team be the world champions. they earned it like a team. they played great baseball. they really have an enormous amount of respect for each other. >> reporter: wh you pulled in
6:34 am
and saw this crowd what did you think? >> we're delighted. these are san francisco giants fans. >> we have to enjoy this. one of those moments that happen in your life twice. if it happens twice you're lucky. in this moment right now you have to keep your mind going. >> reporter: fans say it was a long wait through the night to see them. certainly worth wait to see this team arrive back home happen fans we talk to say this is the moment they will never forget. >> we love them. >> we're out here at 3:30 in the morning showing our respect for this team and everything they have done for us. we appreciate everything they have done. >> world series champs. world series champs. >> reporter: so the giants team and families we're all here for about a half hour before they went home. fans trickled away after that. everyone is just getting a little bit of rest.
6:35 am
these celebrations are just beginning. live in san francisco claudine wong. >> a lot of fun but some troublemakers spoiled some of it. jade hernandez joins us. >> reporter: we are live in front of the giants dugout. this is the merchandising auxiliary store which is right across the street from at & t park. if you can imagine there were hundreds and thousands of people out here in the streets. right now it's very quiet. that's good news because crowds did get a little out of hand. in front of this store this morning there was a broken window and security guard making sure no one gets inside. as far as arrests we don't have an official number. we did witness a few. the san francisco police chief reigned in revelers by making sure vandalism wasn't part of the night spot. police set up a command post
6:36 am
where officers managed the crowds. every available police officer was out on the streets and the department focused in on several neighborhoods including the mission and near at & t park. san francisco police allowed the bonfires it will inside trash kansas. we spoke to police chief he surveyed the crowds after the giants win. he did not approve of this behavior though. you're looking at a car stopped by a crowd at 22nd and mission. the occupants were beaten and crowds trashed. officers in riot gear had to move in. >> the bomb fire it was setting up fires. it's not causing any damage. gwen as long as they just celebrating we're going to leave them alone. we're here obviously. if you see the crowd is getting out of hand and property damage and assaulting people that is the not case right now. >> reporter: now news chopper 2
6:37 am
was able to capture party goers from above. people everywhere enjoying the giants world series win in the city. we checked in with the police department. we're still waiting to hear an official word of arrests. lots of vandalism was reported in the mission near the site we showed you at 22nd and mission and of course at 22nd and valencia. we're still waiting to hear back from the department to get an official count. reporting live jade hernandez. >> hopefully everything will be peaceful and fun when the giants hold their victory parade in san francisco tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.. we do have details on our website you will also find video there, your fan photos, and a whole section dedicated to the giants. some pretty scary moments in concord. that's where a man with a semiautomatic handgun robbed a busy restaurant. it happened at 10:00 friday night at the chiles on concord
6:38 am
avenue. he pointed the gun at a employee. he got away with undisclosed amount of cash and still on the loose. crews are working to repair several water main breaks. the pipes all broke at 2:30 this morning. take a look at the maypop with have new video from clayton road at detroit avenue. you can see the water gushing there into the streets. there is another broken pipe at oak grove and apple. also in concord. and more broken water mains were report # and on court in walnut creek. no word if the incidents are related. >> i wonder if traffic is effected. >> could be. let's check in with sal. how is our commute going? >> it's getting busier now that we are getting closer to 7:00
6:39 am
a.m.. we'll start with 2:37. you see stop and go traffic get into the valley. you will see traffic will be slow until zanker road. and concord there is a new crash if you're heading to concord. this will slow you down. at the bay bridge toll plaza we're getting more of a crowd. we're getting breaking news in the newsroom. we have a three-alarm fire reported in oakland. this son 640th east sixth street. we are hearing word that oakland firefighters may have rescued someone. ktvu chopper 2 is almost if there. 6:39 let's go to steve. thank you. we have mostly clear skies pap little bit of fog going down the coast. look like it's right over point rays right now. hit and miss. and also the marine not on the
6:40 am
san mateo. patchy fog inland. there will be lots of own shine. cooler by friday. weak system will come in. it does look like the next rain will be sunday. today all signs point to sunny and warm earn. school period of time does have cool conditions. temperatures each day they are coming up a couple of degrees. napa 74 we will go 77 today. warmer for walnut creek opinion 74 in oakland to 78. 45 napa-santa rosa airport. upper 40s or low 50s. 20s and 30s in the mountains. 50s when you hit the san joaquin valley. everything goes up like this.
6:41 am
watch the system to the left of your screen as it deepens. it sends the ridge of high pressure well over toward us. sunny and warmer. some fog hanging out by the coast. 60s and 70s there. maybe mid 70s. it looks good. sunny and warm. cooler friday. continued cooling on saturday. rain on sunday. >> thank you. 6:41 is the time right now. welfare recipients spending state money on psychic consultations. find out what the governor is doing about it. some of the stuff believe it or not didn't exist 12 hours ago but it exists now and in volume. i'm consumer editor tom vacar. news chopper 2 on the way to a fire in oakland right near lake merritt. we'll be first on scene. [ whoosh! ]
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i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'.
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breaking news live video from news chopper 2. a building fire in oakland. this is at 640 east 15th street. it has just develop to a third alarm. oakland firefighters on the scene. they have had to do rescues
6:45 am
here. more firefighters are aliving living at -- arriving at the scene. it's near the freeway. east of the freeway. it's near lake merritt. again more firefighters are arriving on the scene. this has gone to a third alarm. we are not sure how bad the injuries are. word is some people have been injured in this fire. let's go back to the desk. thank you. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories. today selection today. california voters head to the poll to choose a new governor. tonight we should know whether jerry brown or meg whitman will take over. across the country congressional races could shift the balance of power on capitol hill. many analysts predict republicans will take over the house of representatives. in the city of san francisco will hold a victory parade tomorrow celebrating the giants
6:46 am
world series victory. the giants beat the texas rangers last night and win the series four games to one it's the giants first world series championship. meantime giants merchandise remains a hot item. ktvu tom vacar joins us now. he's doing a little shopping there. >> reporter: i'm at the sports authority. the severals are ready to go. print shops, memorabilia shops of all kinds are marring for major league baseball. it's a great time to be a retailer. the merchandise much of it made until the last 12 hours is pour into sports stores, specialty shops all over the bay area and far beyond. it means a windfall for stores who's customers want to proclaim their joy. an official team jersey will
6:47 am
set you back $80 and $120. though the racks are full here at the moment at this store more merchandise son the way. >> giants customers have been showing up all over the bay to buy the apparel. we have been selling out. we're definitely on the curve on the demand. >> reporter: he says most of the stores will have new product in by noon at the latest. for many money will be no object because these will be lasting memories of a long awaited victory. >> it's worth it. there is a moment in history you cannot compete. and to have a little bit of it avoid from watching the games on tv i think it's important to show our port. >> reporter: coming back live. one other piece of memorabilia very, very inexpensive. newspapers. even though the newspaper industry is not doing well
6:48 am
these will be collector items. the point is they will not be worth much now, but down the road they will be worth something having. reporting live from the sports authority. go giants. >> go giants is right. we saw some of the fans getting the newspapers signed this morning. so that was fun. now we have posted details about tomorrow's victory parade at our website you will find video, fan photos, a whole section dedicated to our champion giants. governor schwarzenegger says welfare recipients can no longer use state issued debt cards at marijuana shops, psychics and other places deemed inconsistent. other businesses effected include bail bondsmen, bingo halls, cruise ships and tattoo
6:49 am
parlors. big fire in oakland. what is going on? >> it's an apartment house fire. it's about a half hour old now. let's go right to news chopper two. this building on east 15th street in oakland. near lake merritt that has just gone to a third alarm. since it is a three story residential apartment building we heard unconfirmed reports of some people had to be rescued from this fire. wii trying to -- we're trying to trying to find out more. you can see it from the freeway as the light gets as it gets lighter you will see smoke rising. it might be a distraction to traffic on the nearby mimits. necessary is 6:40. and it just went to a third alarm. we'll have more details as they
6:50 am
become available to us. now let's head to the toll plaza. and this morning in san francisco northbound and southbound 101 traffic moving along very well. here is steve. thank you. a very good morning to you all. mostly clear skies. it will be sunny today. temperatures warming up. temperature is large and in charge as we say. that fog is squash. what is there doesn't have much of a chance. 60s and 70s. 68. i don't think you have to travel very far to find low 70s along the coast today. including san francisco. we'll go for a high of 72. patchy low clouds mainly going south. parts of the knot bay. they are very little. 30s in the mountains. 40s in the valley and 50s up and down rt coast as you hit southern california. very impressive system. it's out in the gulf of alaska. look at that. it extends itself down to the
6:51 am
hawaiian islands. eventually the whole system will inch toward us. until then sunny and warmer after that fog. there are some right to the point where it's light out. if you're planning to go to the parade tomorrow it looks good to me. between 11:00 and 1:00. rain on sunday. thank you. we want to go out to wall street. it's busier and better than expected. dow jones up 77 points. it's been up more than 80 points. analysts saying investigators are moving into stocks out of the dollar because there has been a big drop in the dollar. but mostly quiet ahead of election results. ups says its rates are going up after the first of the year. charges for ground shipping will increase 5.9% on january 3rd. base rates will jump 6.9%. there will be slight reductions
6:52 am
in fuel charges. ups is the largest package delivery company. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. all right. who's next? make a deposit from anywhere, anytime-- with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪
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at the crack of the bats the giants incredible season on the field is over. it is worth one more look at the highs and lows of the 2010
6:55 am
world series. >> it's the 106th world series. the texas rangers represent the american league on the other side the san francisco giants self-proclaimed misfits. right in the air to left centerfield and the giants have their first lead of the night. another hit. >> there is the 0-1 pitch. renteria. launches one into left. down the line into the corner. edgar renteria going deep. >> a fly ball into right centerfield. schierholtz back on the run. aubrey huff. hits one a ton into right. down the line. this ball is gone for a two run home run. >> madison bumgarner in line for the win. 4-0 san francisco and they are
6:56 am
up three games to one. it's hit high in the air to left center field. back is murphy on the run. three run home run renteria. and a 3-0 san francisco lead in the seventh. molina strikes out. back to back strikeouts for lincecum. here it is. struck him out. and for the first time since 1954 the giants are world champions. >> what a ride. very exciting to take a look back at all of that. of course you got to see the giants come back home this morning. it has been fun. >> it is. let's go to tori now. she has to share some of the fun. she's here to tell us what is coming up. >> that is right. we are at at & t park.
6:57 am
you'll see the wonderful home coming they got from fans. we'll talk live with mayor gavin newsome. we just learned what berry bonds happened to be doing the moment the giants won. might surprise you. along with the celebration there was violence. we have new numbers on arrests and nearby in fact there was a fatal shooting at a marina district nightclub. we'll update the investigation and the search for the killer. on this election day turnout is a business mall. there san oakland company that is offering first of a kind service to help change that. those stories and more coming up. thank you. want to go back over to sal to get a looks at the commute. >> also coming up on mornings at 2 we'll be following this breaking news in oakland. the three alarm fire in oakland at an apartment complex at
6:58 am
15thstreet. we'll be following that. unclear if anyone was injured. we have heard of some rescues. let's go back to the studio. a lots to tell you about. polls open for election day 2010. also the champagne corks were popping. the victory parade is tomorrow with all the details. stay with us.
6:59 am
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.


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